8tracks Mix Recovery

Since 8tracks.com anounced it is only allowing playback for non-US or Canadian people (the rest of us get crappy youtube videos), I decided I'm taking my mixes back, and you can too!

Here is how this works:

Take back your mixes

  1. First:

    To recover ALL your files you will have to trust me with a password. This is because only the owner of a mix can play all songs continuously (See update above). No, I'm not making this up.

  2. Second:

    I wont steal you password, but I could steal your password... So make sure you are not using it for anything else!

    You can always go to 8tracks and change it, do the downloads and then change it back.

    If you're here its probably because you cant use 8tracks anymore so just make sure your password is disposable.

  3. Third:

    If you want a copy of this script just let me know and you can set it up by yourself.

    Also, if you have your own API key you can use that using the option below.

Fill in the fields bellow and submit the form to download a mix.
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