Description of the "Google Maps API Search" Page:

This page allows users to utilize the Google Maps API to search for places using the Google Place ID. Users need to input their API key, select a region, choose the type of place (e.g., doctor, restaurant, hotel, store, etc.), and specify the number of pages for displaying results.

Instructions on How to Obtain an API Key for Google API Maps:

Visit the Google Cloud Console.
Create a new project or select an existing one.
Navigate to the "Library" section, find the "Maps JavaScript API" and enable it for your project.
Go to the "Credentials" section and click "Create Credentials". Choose "API key".
Copy the generated API key.
(Optional) For added security, you can restrict the key's usage to specific IP addresses or domains.

Once you have the key, you can paste it into the "API Key" field on the "Google Maps API Search" page and use the tool to search for places.

API Key: