String Tools

Text Tools

Here you will find an assortment of multiple separate tools to be able to slice and dice any form of text.

Web tools

URL Encode / Decode
Escape HTML
Strip HTML tags


Number to words [?]Convert a sequence of up to 9 digits long into its equivalent in words.
Hexadecimal to words [?]Convert a sequence of hexadecimal into its equivalent in words.
Octal [?]Bug: Unicode characters will not appear correctly.
Hexadecimal [?]A.K.A. Base16.
Base32 [?]Bug: Unicode characters will not appear correctly.
Base64 [?]The "Decode image" button will attempt to paint the input text into an image.
UTF-8 Representation [?]Convert UTF-8 (Example: \x61 \xe4\xb8\xad \xd0\xaf).
UTF-8 Text [?]Converts to UTF-8 text (Example: a 中 Я)
UTF-16 [?](Example: \u0061 \u4e2d \u042f)
UTF-32 [?](Example: 00000061 00004e2d 0000042f).
ASCII [?]Converts text to their decimal representation (Example: 97 20013 1071).
Percent Encoding [?]Converts text to percent encoded representation (Example: a%20%e4%b8%ad%20%d0%af).

String Manipulation

Line breaks [?]To break after each character choose to add breaks every 1 letter.
Search and replace

Manipulating Lists

Lists are text separated by line breaks.

Sort a list in alphabetical order
Listify [?]Convert a large wall of text into a list
Format a list or array [?]One list item per line.
Lists to columns [?]One list item per line.
Separate odd lines from even lines
Make all the items in a list unique [?]One item per row.
Divide a list into two or more lists

Time and Date

Dates and timestamps


Compare text [?]Check if a string is equal to another.
Count words, letters and new lines

Combine the tools above

Combine several string transforms [?]By adding steps you can make your input pass through many transformations at once.

Known bugs:

Contact me if something is not working as expected.

  • Base32 and octal conversion tools fail to encode unicode characters, such as "ص" or "Ꙭ".